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At Townes Homemade BBQ we’re raising the standard and taking initiatives to serve only the best for a fair price. We are bringing the backyard BBQ to you all year round.  We believe that homemade is best. What we serve is from local farms, and our food is from scratch. Homemade is not just our name. Our BBQ sauce has taken years to perfect. Its a tomato base, that is smokey and sweet. Our jamaican jerk is freshly ground ingredients blended - marinated and cooked to perfection. Opening our new location October 1st in New Market VA! Come have an experience with us!



A Bit of Background

     Dwight and Donnetta both have a long background in food service. From formal training and years of management. Both are committed to excellent customer service. They truly care about everything that they serve.     The BBQ started at a local farmers market and the response was amazing. Growing every week with a steady fan base! People were hungry for good food at a great price, served with smiles and good conversation.       Serving great tasting food with love, pride, and giving joy.


The jumbo leg quarters

At Townes Homemade BBQ, we only serve the best local raised chicken. Each piece is carefully prepped and marinated. Cooked to the correct temperature on our large custom made smoker. Then each piece is smothered in our homemade bbq sauce.


Jamaican jerk

 Our jamaican jerk is made with freshly ground allspice berries. Did you know they have health benefits? Allspice owes its name to its unique flavor: a zesty blend of cinnamon, pepper, juniper, and clove. (Has healing powers as a digestive aid, relieve toothache, alleviate muscle pain. Been used for colds, menstrual cramps, upset stomach, indigestion, flatulence, and even diabetes.)     We also use fresh ginger, fresh thyme, fresh garlic, fresh habeneros, and a few other ingredients for a unique flavor experience. 


Homemade Banana pudding

In search of grandmother's banana pudding recipe, we made our own recipe that is rich and flavorful. Fresh bananas, vanilla wafers, milk, whipped cream, eggs, cornstarch. This is nothing like the boxed banana pudding you've had. So delicious!


The Sauce

Took years to perfect, but the sweet and smokey sauce is such a compliment to any meal. Slow cooked tomato based sauce with herbs and spices for a taste of perfection.  


Our homemade salads

Our cold salads are homemade and made from scratch. We are obsessed with great flavor, and our sides are not lacking in any way.. They compliment our chicken for a perfect homemade meal. Macaroni salad or potato salad are unique, delicious, and ready to be devoured.


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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